Welcome to Kobo Safaris.

The African Experience.

With the same fire and passion that fuelled the creation of our company in 1994 still burning strong, we at Kobo Safaris continuously strive to rediscover and share with you the
incredible magic and beauty of the African Continent.

Our Operations

Our operations encompass the diversity and attractions of not only the original safari
destinations within Eastern Africa, but those of Southern Africa as well. Personalised
attention and service to each guest has always been our mantra through which we strive to
present and showcase our wonderful world.

A Passion for Africa

At Kobo our team is united and driven by a passion for Africa: to protect and safeguard the
natural environment and local cultures for posterity, and for the upliftment of her people.
Eco-friendly, we step lightly & carefully so as to ensure that no negative impact is
occasioned by our expeditions.