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Situated on the eastern coast of Africa along the equator and split from North to South by the Great Rift Valley, Kenya covers a total area of 580,530 square kilometres of vast nature reserves, cosmopolitan cities, with a rich cultural heritage.

From true glacial ice to arid desert, mountain massifs to rich savannahs, large lakes and dense forest, Kenya contains almost every known landform. Mountainous peaks stand high above rolling grassland plains and semi desert areas, all cradled to the east by the white sandy beaches and turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean coast. Above all are the wildlife sanctuaries: 25 national parks and 29 National reserves, devoted to the protection of the indigenous flora and fauna.

A perfect destination for lovers of nature and wildlife thanks to its incredible biodiversity of over 25,000 animal species, Kenya offers the quintessential safari experience and continuously attracts explorers of adventurous spirit to this day.

Capital City



Kenyan Shillings

Official Languages

English and Swahili

International Airport

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Nairobi), Moi International Airport (Mombasa), Moi International Airport (Eldoret) 


Due to its location on the equator, the weather in Kenya is fairly consistent throughout the year. Temperatures rarely vary much between day temperatures of 25º C and night temperatures of 10º C inland, and between day temperatures of 30º C and night temperatures of 15º C at the coast – which has a high level of humidity. Overall it is seldom harsh, neither too hot nor too cold with long sun filled days.

  • December– February. Hot dry season – Average daily high temperature is 28°C

  • March. Intermittent rains – Average daily high temperature is 30°C

  • April – May. Heavier rainy season – Average daily high temperature is 23°C.

  • June – October. Cooler dry season -Average daily high temperature is 25°C.

  • November. Short rainy season. Average daily high temperature is 25°C.

Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara is Kenya’s leading Game Reserve, well-watered by the Mara River and with permanent populations of wildlife which make it a compelling visit no matter the season. The Maasai Mara is world famous for its annual Great Migration which takes place between July and September, where over a million and a half wildebeest, over three hundred thousand zebras and their attendant predators cross the Mara River and spread across the plains in a seemingly endless procession.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the country’s tallest mountain with its snow-capped peaks at 5,199 m. in altitude. Its slopes are covered with rich deciduous and bamboo forests and open high altitude moorland just below the glaciers and snowfields. Wildlife found within the forest include elephant, buffalo and even lion, with several species of antelope and other smaller animals.


This seasonal swamp is one of the finest areas in the country for big game photography with a vast population of wildlife. The landscape,all 3,810 sq. km, with its striking alkaline pan and strange mirages is all set to the backdrop of the majestic snowscape of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Kenya Coast

The vast 480 km of uninterrupted white sand beaches are fringed with palms and washed by the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The Kisite Marine Park, almost at the Tanzania border, is an intriguing underwater world, while Shanzu and Kikambala are an idyllic resort area of sand and calm bright blue sea.


Kenya’s oldest living town Lamu has a rich and colourful history. The town was one of the original string of Swahili settlements that stretched from Somalia to Mozambique. The appearance and the character of the town have changed very little over the centuries. The narrow, winding streets accommodate only pedestrian or donkey traffic, and the architecture of the buildings dates back to the 18th century or before, constructed out of local materials including coral-rag blocks for the walls, wooden floors supported by mangrove poles, makuti roofs, and intricately carved shutters for windows.

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